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microsoft right to walk from yahoo

May 7, 2008


Pundits can deride Microsoft for walking away from the hostile Yahoo takeover deal as much as they want, but Microsoft can heave a sigh of relief for dodging a bullet. No, Steve Ballmer was not being all hat and no cattle, as some have labeled his action for withdrawing from the attempt to buy Yahoo […]

microsoft’s bidder’s remorse

April 18, 2008


Microsoft chief executive Steve Baller must hate to face “I told you so!” moments. Yet he had to endure one in a most public way yesterday. Nobody out there really believes that the takeover of Yahoo was a good idea for Microsoft, so who was advising Microsoft again? It ought to demand the money it […]

the mind-boggling merger of microsoft, news corp and yahoo

April 9, 2008


You have got to give Steve Ballmer props for the chutzpah to think big and be aggressive. So Yahoo turned down Microsoft’s takeover offer. No problem, Ballmer is cutting off Yahoo’s options by reaching out to one of its potential white knights, New Corporation, instead. Word has leaked that Microsoft is talking to News Corp […]

the microsoft yahoo saga

February 15, 2008


Yahoo must really hate the idea of being bought over by Microsoft, or else its management is living in dreamland. Or perhaps it is just playing the game of extracting a higher price from Microsoft. In the hope of fending off the Washington-based giant after rejecting its offer, Yahoo started leaking word that it is […]

buffett and poetic justice

February 7, 2008


Billionaire extraordinaire Warren Buffett has spoken, and this time, he directs his wrath against the banking system and its greed. Buffett called the banking meltdown “poetic justice” for bankers, their chickens coming home to roost for designing complex investments which are now haunting them and their companies’ bottomlines. “It’s sort of a little poetic justice, […]

microsoft-yahoo merger mistake

February 1, 2008


Is Microsoft going down the same road as the ill-fated AOL-Time Warner merger with its hostile takeover bid of Yahoo? Microsoft has offered $44.6 billion in cash and stock to purchase Yahoo, or $31 a share, a 62 percent premium on Yahoo’s closing price on January 31. Microsoft predicts that the merger would bring about […]