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why, spanish fans?

February 8, 2008


While the US finally seems to be on the road to healing from its history of slavery by undergoing a revolution that could propel a black man towards the White House, Spain has unfortunately allowed racism to rear its ugly head again recently. British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton was at the receiving end of […]

sacrilege and sir salman

June 18, 2007


Salman Rushdie is one of the most sublime authors in the English language. So no one should be surprised that he is granted a knighthood to honor his considerable literary achievements. The British ought to stick to their guns on this one and refuse to give in to blackmail, even as Islamist elements in Pakistan […]

setback for johnston

June 17, 2007


In what is perhaps a setback for the release of kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston, his kidnappers have gone to the media, not with news of his freedom, but with threats to kill him if their demands were not met. Gaza-based extremist group, the Army of Islam, which had said it has held Johnston since […]

sarkozy everywhere

June 4, 2007


“I will defend my convictions while respecting others,” pledges French President Nicholas Sarkozy, declaring his guiding philosophy, as he plunges into his job with relish, giving an opinion on anything or everyhing. This is a man who has the energy of a man half his age, seems like he is staying up all night thinking […]

alan johnston on tape

June 1, 2007


At the very least, we can say that abducted BBC reporter Alan Johnston is probably still alive. His kidnappers, the Army of Islam, have released online a videotape of the Gaza-based reporter, who went missing in early March. Claiming to be in good health and that his kidnappers have been treating him well, Johnston was […]

to go or not to go, that is the question

May 16, 2007


It must be hard to be in Prince Harry’s position. Today’s decision by the head of the British army, General Richard Dannatt, that Harry is not going to be deployed to Iraq, after weeks of mixed signals, seems like a blow to the Prince’s hope of serving in real combat with “my boys”. While the […]

bye blair

May 10, 2007


It’ll be bye-bye Tony Blair, come June 27. Blair, who has served for ten years as UK’s Prime Minister and holds the distinction of being the only Labour PM to have won three consecutive general elections, today made his highly-anticipated announcement to step down. Ambitious, brilliant and charismatic, Blair will most likely be remembered as […]