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the sorrow of flight

April 22, 2008


Twenty years ago, air travel was exciting, fun and exotic. Taking a plane to one’s destination was part of the journey and signaled the start of the vacation. People would dress well to board a plane. The flight attendants were courteous and helpful. Meals were not great, of course, but it was not the joke […]

help, the jerk on the plane won’t stop yakking on the cellphone!

April 7, 2008


As if air travel these days isn’t miserable enough already, (London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, anyone?) the European Commission came up with an even more bone-headed idea to make passenger jets become truly torture chambers. It has ruled that cellphones will now be able to penetrate airplanes flying over European airspace, the final bastion of […]

more a380 problems

March 30, 2008


Oh boy, here we go again. More trouble from the world’s biggest passenger jetliner, the Airbus 380, the seven-storey tall behemoth of an airplane that could seat 449 passengers in its double decks. Singapore Airlines, currently the only carrier to operate the aircraft, had to announce mechanical problems of the plane today for the second […]

a380 bragging rights might not be worth it

March 27, 2008


You would think that a company as financially-savvy as Singapore Airlines would have thought long and hard before making the decision to be the first airline to fly the super-sized jumbo jet, the Airbus 380. In retrospect, it seemed to be a decision driven by vanity over other factors. The aircraft, which seats 470 under […]

no sex please, we are singaporeans

November 2, 2007


Before the Airbus 380 superjumbo actually carried any passengers, Singapore Airlines – the first to fly the plane – had furiously marketed its super luxurious first-class “suites” as the centerpieces of its new planes which would set new standards in air travel. Each private suite is enclosed with sliding doors and roller blinds for privacy. […]

new 7 wonders — popular choice

July 7, 2007


China’s Great Wall, Rome’s Colosseum and Peru’s Machu Picchu were the top choices of around 100 million global votes cast in a contest to decide which landmarks worldwide are worthy of being anointed the title of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”. The world’s most famous ode of love by a Mogul emperor to […]

amazing animals

May 13, 2007


Happy mother’s day to all moms out there! Today’s post, though, focuses on amazing animals who were long-haul travellers in unusual circumstances and lived to tell their not-so-comfortable tales. First, a cat now named China, who survived a 35-day freight passage from China to US without food and water. China the cat (AP picture) China […]