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sarkozy’s master stroke

October 27, 2007


Perhaps the militant French unions have met their match in French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Last week’s 24-hour strike by France’s transport, gas and electricity unions might have seen a massive turnout and Sarkozy himself suffered the indignity of power cuts in his home. But public opinion seemed to be in agreement with the government’s stance […]

fastidious french voters

June 17, 2007


In typical French fashion, voters have resurrected their complex contrarian characteristic and rejected the talk that France would face a tidal “blue wave”. True to form, they struck a blow, though not mortal, to their newly-elected President Nicolas Sarkozy, by denying his party, the Union for a Popular Movement, the commanding landslide that has been […]

sarkozy everywhere

June 4, 2007


“I will defend my convictions while respecting others,” pledges French President Nicholas Sarkozy, declaring his guiding philosophy, as he plunges into his job with relish, giving an opinion on anything or everyhing. This is a man who has the energy of a man half his age, seems like he is staying up all night thinking […]

au revoir chirac, bonjour sarkozy

May 16, 2007


After 12 years of malaise under Jacques Chirac, France ushered in a hyper-kinetic Nicolas Sarkozy as the new president of the French republic. Will Sarkozy be able to make the changes he has promised? Will the French have to work more? Is France likely to be revitalized under Sarkozy? It will be interesting to see […]

he’s only being french

May 9, 2007


Ooh la la! The French are actually frowning on holidays! At least that’s what the French opposition is doing, condemning President-elect Nicholas Sarkozy for taking a three-day break in a luxury yacht in Malta before taking office next week. Words flung at him by the defeated Socialists include “scandalous”, “indecent” and “shocking to the great […]

french pride

May 7, 2007


A remarkable thing happened in France today. The French elected the son of a Hungarian immigrant to its highest office, the Presidency, allowing Nicolas Sarkozy to occupy the Elysée Palace on May 16. He beat his opponent Socialist party candidate – and a woman no less – Ségolène Royal, taking 53 per cent of the […]