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un-prosecuting prostitution

June 15, 2007


As mankind’s oldest profession, prostitution is never going to go away, no matter how much we might pretend it doesn’t exist. The Dutch, in their progressive wisdom, has shown the world how legalizing and de-tabooing prostitution could lead to better health and protection of sex workers. Mexico City’s legislators are following in those enlightened footsteps […]

mexico and its anti-US demeanor

June 3, 2007


Poor Miss USA. What an awful time she had in Mexico City recently for the Miss Universe pageant. To her immense credit, this year’s Miss USA, Rachel Smith, did not sink to the level of her tormentors and not only kept her composure, she also showed them what good breeding and grace is all about. […]

shakira’s mexican record

May 30, 2007


Move aside Spencer Tunick. Tunick might have generated lots of publicity with his record-breaking nude photo shoot in Mexico City’s Zocalo earlier this month. But the white-hot booty-shaking Shakira packed a record-breaking number of Mexicans into the very same location with her free concert over the weekend. Her audience of over 200,000 not only dwarfed […]

tunick snaps record nudes in mexico city

May 6, 2007


Reuters photo And Spencer Tunick has done it, thanks to the overwhelming response of Mexicans. Close to 20,000 people showed up from 3.30am this morning to take part in Mr Tunick’s photo shoot of nudes in the historical and political heart of Mexico city, the Zocalo. This broke his previous record of photographing the largest […]

getting naked

May 5, 2007


Photographer Spencer Tunick – known for photographing masses of people naked in public places around the world – is hoping to set a new record, with the help of Mexicans. The magic number Mr Tunick is hoping to capture is 7,001 for his shoot early this Sunday morning at Mexico City’s historic downtown square, the […]

Saints and tyrants

May 3, 2007


Mexicans must be be the most patient people in the world. They have to be. There’s just no choice. It’s not just the sheer numbers – 20 million people living in the greater Mexico City area, 4 million vehicles circulating on the city’s roads. Part of it also has to do with the tyranny of […]

PDA or how I learnt to ignore nagging fears of germs and greet with kisses

May 1, 2007


I confess, I hate germs. Actually, I’m really a germaphobe. I’m anal about keeping my things clean, dust, and germ-free. “Antibacterial” is a comforting word. I make an effort not to touch public things. I don’t fancy being touched either. I’m the type who sits ever so carefully in my subway seat so that no […]