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the world’s most monstrous dad

May 1, 2008


Perhaps all parents and parents-to-be should be made to sign a Hippocratic Oath-type of pledge and held accountable, so that fewer children would be victimized or harmed. Shock and horror do not begin to express the feelings of revolt one gets from reading about the case of the Austrian man who imprisoned his daughter in […]

memorial day

May 28, 2007


While we celebrate Memorial Day with our backyard barbecues, I thought I’d share this poignant, heartfelt and devastating commentary by a father who’s lost a son in the Iraq war, first published in the Washington Post. ________________________________________________________________________ I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty. By Andrew J. […]

thank god for our mundane lives

May 9, 2007


Oh yeah, our lives are mundane but we like it that way if it means staying out of jail, Paris Hilton, thank you very much. No, you don’t enliven our mundane lives, despite what your spoilt little pea brain might think. And I fancy you even much less as “inspirational” to young people around the […]

Living a lie

April 30, 2007


I can’t even lie about my age. I would dearly love to, as the numbers only seem to go up while the lines just keep deepening. I can’t lie about how I feel either. I’m not one of those bare-faced, smooth-tongued, lightning-fast thinking types who can tell someone straight-faced that I loved his book, cooking, […]

Choice or life?

April 30, 2007


Just last week, the place where I have recently made home – Mexico City – took a monumental legislative step. Women who are 12 weeks pregnant, or less, now have the right to abort their pregnancies. No more will they be jailed and tagged as criminals, thanks to 46 brave legislators, who voted to decriminalize […]