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DNA frees wrongly-accused Dallas man

April 30, 2008


Another reason why the death penalty should be abolished, before it’s too late for the innocent to be exonerated. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Advertisements

could lightning strike the same place at justice twice?

October 27, 2007


Congress had better think carefully about whether they want to put another person who chooses executive power over the Constitution in charge of the Justice Department. Democratic senators have started to express discomfort at the ambiguous views of the nominee for the attorney general position, Michael Mukasey, towards interrogation techniques that hinges on being torture, […]

finally, gonzales goes

August 27, 2007


What a great start to the week! Gonazales, who has brought nothing but shame to the office of the Attorney-General, has finally bitten the bullet and resigned. This, after countless calls to Congress for questions, especially over the firing of nine US attorneys, believed to have been relieved from their positions as they refused to […]

judge denied of $54 million pants case

June 25, 2007


” . . . The plaintiff is not entitled to any relief whatsoever.” Hallelujah! Thank goodness common sense has prevailed. There’s hope for the US justice system yet. The DC Superior Court has dismissed the frivolous lawsuit brought by an administrative judge, Roy Pearson, against his neighborhood dry-cleaners, Korean immigrants, the Chungs. Pearson had sued […]

fly commercial? not the FBI chief

June 12, 2007


Oh, it’s alright, it’s all perfectly legal and above board, because the FBI has the approval of the Department of Justice for each flight on its $40 million Gulfstream Jet V. Hmmm, right. That’s really reassuring, especially if you’ve been reading the news and followed what’s been going on in that Department and how it’s […]


June 12, 2007


The Senate proposal of a no-confidence vote against Alberto Gonzales, the besieged Attorney General, was expected to fail. And fail it did, as Republicans refused to back the proposal spearheaded by the Democrats, which needed 60 votes to bring the no-confidence resolution to a vote. Only one prominent Republican has publicly stated that he would […]

shutter guantanamo bay

May 31, 2007


A wise man once said that a good leader is strong enough to admit that he has made a mistake. We know that is beyond Bush’s ability. We would be kidding ourselves if we called him a good leader. But the latest suicide of a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay should be a wake up call […]