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rev wright rails again

April 14, 2008


Even as he is busy fending off attacks for the “bitter” remark that he had made to San Francisco donors, Senator Barack Obama now has to deal with another own goal. His controversial pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, though retiring, has unleashed his fiery tirade again, this time at the funeral of former appellate judge R. […]

and the media wonders why it is hated…

March 7, 2008


What part of “off the record” does the reporter in the Scottish newspaper, The Scotsman, not understand? While speaking to the newspaper, Senator Barack Obama’s senior policy adviser, Samantha Power, was outed in her comment about Obama’s rival for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton. “She is a monster, too – that is off […]

RIP, Wall Street Journal

August 1, 2007


In the end, money talks. Never mind that the Bancroft family has apparently insisted on retaining the Wall Street Journal’s top editors and wrangled an agreement to limit Murdoch’s ability to replace the newspaper’s top dogs. You just know that it’s a matter of time before Murdoch gets his way. He always does anyway. That’s […]

alan johnston is released

July 3, 2007


After constantly tightening the screw, Hamas, which now runs Gaza, has managed to get a Palestinian militant group holding BBC reporter Alan Johnston to set him free. The Army of God had held the reporter hostage since March 12, or for nearly four months. He was reported to be back in the BBC’s Gaza office, […]

BBC reporter Johnston strapped to bomb vest

June 25, 2007


Things have taken a decidedly worse turn for abducted BBC reporter Alan Johnston today, as his captors released a video of him with an explosives vest strapped to him. The BBC showed a new video tape that is purportedly released by Johnston’s captors, a little-known Gaza-based group known as the Army of Islam. “The situation […]

setback for johnston

June 17, 2007


In what is perhaps a setback for the release of kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston, his kidnappers have gone to the media, not with news of his freedom, but with threats to kill him if their demands were not met. Gaza-based extremist group, the Army of Islam, which had said it has held Johnston since […]

the bancrofts’ tough choice

June 16, 2007


Pearson, the owner of Europe’s top business newspaper the Financial Times, is said to be in talks with US conglomerate General Electric to hammer out a deal to jointly buy Dow Jones, whose crown jewels is the US newspaper powerhouse, the Wall Street Journal. Pearson and General Electric are looking into the possibility of launching […]