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no end to iraq

April 13, 2008


The Iraqi government has just fired 1,300 army and police personnel, for not performing up to par, if at all, during the recent offensive ordered by the country’s prime minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki in Basra. You can hardly blame them for not wanting to fight. The offensive was reportedly so haphazardly planned that it turned […]

white house, blackwater

October 31, 2007


At this juncture when things are going downhill at a faster pace than the Bush administration can take a breather and when it needs the support of Congress to remain in Iraq more than ever, why did it stupidly allow the State Department to grant immunity to the Blackwater security personnel in the case under […]

the d word

August 11, 2007


Start getting worried. It doesn’t look like we’re going to be leaving Iraq as soon as we want, even if Hillary or any of the other Democrats became the next president. The New York Times reports that Hill and the other front runners in the Democratic presidential nomination race are starting to hedge, even as […]

cindy sheehan vs nancy pelosi

August 10, 2007


Cindy Sheehan is making good on her word of running against the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, for a seat in the House of Representatives. Last month, she threw down the gauntlet at Pelosi — impeach Bush for the lies and pretext for going to war with Iraq by July 23, or Sheehan herself […]

hey that AK-47 looks familiar…

August 5, 2007


More incompetence in Iraq, brought to you by the White House one-two of Bush-Cheney. This time, it’s weapons that were distributed to Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005. The Washington Post reports that 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols, or 30 per cent of the total, given to the Iraqi forces have been found […]

cindy sheehan’s next move

July 9, 2007


Should the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi be worried? Prominent war activist Cindy Sheehan says she would run against Pelosi in California, with an eye on unseating her, if Pelosi doesn’t start action to impeach President George W. Bush. Sheehan’s not fooling around. She has given Pelosi a two-week deadline, July 23, the same […]

lies and iraq

June 3, 2007


It’s amazing that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about his personal life when it really affected no one outside of his family, while Bush goes on free to wreak more havoc, even as close to 4,000 Americans lives have been lost, over half a million Iraqis had perished, and billions of dollars flushed down […]