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dead pirates can’t spend ransom

January 12, 2009


Karma truly is a bitch. Fresh after extorting $3 million in ransom money from the owners of the Saudi supertanker, Sirius Star, one of the Somali pirates involved in the nasty deed have reportedly drowned while running back to the lair from whence they came. The boat carrying the drowned pirate and his associates capsized […]

buffett and poetic justice

February 7, 2008


Billionaire extraordinaire Warren Buffett has spoken, and this time, he directs his wrath against the banking system and its greed. Buffett called the banking meltdown “poetic justice” for bankers, their chickens coming home to roost for designing complex investments which are now haunting them and their companies’ bottomlines. “It’s sort of a little poetic justice, […]

judge denied of $54 million pants case

June 25, 2007


” . . . The plaintiff is not entitled to any relief whatsoever.” Hallelujah! Thank goodness common sense has prevailed. There’s hope for the US justice system yet. The DC Superior Court has dismissed the frivolous lawsuit brought by an administrative judge, Roy Pearson, against his neighborhood dry-cleaners, Korean immigrants, the Chungs. Pearson had sued […]

china and safety

June 7, 2007


It had to happen sooner or later, and for China, it’s finally waking up to the ugly realities of the danger of its production methods, especially in the area of food and medication. The past few months have exposed an embarrassing but chilling series of food and product safety neglect by China’s manufacturers. First there […]

suing their pants off

May 4, 2007


No wonder lawyers have such a bad rap. No thanks to low-lives like Roy Pearson, an administrative law judge for the District of Columbia who is suing his local dry cleaners for an exorbitant $65 million for misplacing his pair of pants which he brought in for alternations 2 years ago. He arrived at the […]