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help, the jerk on the plane won’t stop yakking on the cellphone!

April 7, 2008


As if air travel these days isn’t miserable enough already, (London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, anyone?) the European Commission came up with an even more bone-headed idea to make passenger jets become truly torture chambers. It has ruled that cellphones will now be able to penetrate airplanes flying over European airspace, the final bastion of […]

merkel says nein to beijing olympics

March 28, 2008


Maybe it is true after all — women leaders can be tougher and ballsier than men. Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel has decided to do away with the bobbing and weaving and cut to the chase — she will not be in Beijing for the opening ceremony for this summer’s Olympics, making her the first world […]

russia’s revenge

August 6, 2007


Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We tried offering a base in Azerbaijan to you so that we could work together on the whole missile defense shield system, but you declined, so don’t be surprised that we’re producing intercontinental ballistic missiles for new-generation nuclear submarines or beefing up our air defense. That’s in essence Russia’s […]

putin’s latest threats

June 4, 2007


Should we start worrying about the latest salvo fired by Russian President Vladimir Putin? In a move reminiscent of the old Cold War days, he had just threatened to target Russian missiles at Europe in a tit for tat move for US plans to have a missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. […]

sarkozy everywhere

June 4, 2007


“I will defend my convictions while respecting others,” pledges French President Nicholas Sarkozy, declaring his guiding philosophy, as he plunges into his job with relish, giving an opinion on anything or everyhing. This is a man who has the energy of a man half his age, seems like he is staying up all night thinking […]

from wolfie to zoellick

May 29, 2007


Finally, the Bush administration is getting something right in its international appointments. In a pleasant surprise, the US will be announcing that it is replacing disgraced and scandal-ridden World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz, with Robert Zoellick. The appointment is likely to generate plenty of goodwill and enthusiasm worldwide. Thanks to his immense experience in the […]

no gay way in russia

May 28, 2007


More evidence of Russia’s troubling human rights records — over the weekend, peaceful gay rights activists were punched and kicked as they attempted to stage a gay rights march in Moscow. The police looked the other way as thuggery again reared its ugly head in Russia. Ultra-nationalists and skin-head types showed up, turning violent on […]