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earth hour

March 30, 2008


Critics might label Earth Hour gimmicky and deride it as the work of a few activists which would not have much long-term effect on slowing down the earth’s destruction from global warming. But with the pretty dire situation the earth is facing, they should instead look on the bright side — every little gesture can […]

bad air at beijing olympics

March 12, 2008


The Chinese authorities had better sit up and take notice. The glory that they had hoped to obtain from hosting this summer’s Olympic Games in their capital Beijing, might end up being an embarrassment instead. Athletes had been quietly grumbling about the city’s notoriously bad air quality, thinking up ways to protect their health and […]

nobel sell-out?

October 14, 2007


I like Al Gore and have nothing against him. I also like the premise behind the Nobel Prizes, especially the Peace Prize. But is the Nobel winners’ selection committee getting it wrong in awarding the Peace Prize to Gore and the United Nations climate change panel? No doubt Gore’s efforts and his movie that wowed […]

the battle against bottled water

July 10, 2007


It’s truly heartening to see the spread of the movement to ban bottled water in cities, with the cities’ governments taking the lead on the matter. First, it was Los Angeles, whose mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made city agencies stop buying bottled water for employees in 2005. Villaraigosa was prompted to take that step after finding […]

sarkozy everywhere

June 4, 2007


“I will defend my convictions while respecting others,” pledges French President Nicholas Sarkozy, declaring his guiding philosophy, as he plunges into his job with relish, giving an opinion on anything or everyhing. This is a man who has the energy of a man half his age, seems like he is staying up all night thinking […]

would you stop flying to save the environment?

May 8, 2007


The BBC has this astonishing story – the Germans, known as one of the most intrepid globe-trotters, are cutting down on travels abroad, in the name of saving the environment. To satisfy their travel lust, they’re going to other parts of Germany, the warmer coastal regions, mostly by trains so that they can cut down […]

is the evil empire turning *gulp* good?

May 8, 2007


Is the evil empire finally coming into the light? Literally at least, Wal-mart is. Rooftop solar panels will be installed on 22 of its stores, such as Wal-mart and Sam’s Clubs, in California and Hawaii to provide electricity. Generating up to 20 million megawatts-hours of electricity annually, the solar power provides 30 per cent of […]