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oil prices still the key

May 8, 2008


While the worst of the credit crunch might be over, as articulated by US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in the hope of shoring up confidence in the battered US economy, the real indicator consumers should be watching is oil prices. The economy has been flirting with disaster, no thanks to the credit crunch, which led […]

gas tax holiday more harmful than good

April 30, 2008


With 44 percent of Americans┬átelling a recent poll that rising gas prices is a serious economic concern, it is no wonder that the presidential candidates have weighed in on the issue. But it would be a mistake to cave in to populism and enact a gas and diesel tax holiday, as proposed by both presumptive […]


April 17, 2008


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain has said that economics isn’t his strong suit. His economic policies speech on Tuesday in Pittsburgh shows why. The bulk of his focus was on tax cuts, such as making permanent the income tax cuts introduced by George W. Bush, proposing the elimination of the alternative minimum tax and […]

dems’ misguided trade stance

April 10, 2008


Don’t believe it when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that she is looking out for the concerns of American families in her maneuver to kill the free-trade agreement between the US and Colombia. She is merely trying to hold the trade pact hostage while pushing the White House to come with a second economic stimulus […]

it’s still the economy, stupid

March 10, 2008


John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can squabble all the want about who will make the best commander-in-chief or be the toughest in safeguarding the nation. But if they want to win in the general election, they should do well to remember, especially Clinton, what helped Bill Clinton win in 1992 — “The Economy, […]

buckle up and hunker down

February 15, 2008


Get ready for a rough ride ahead. Put away your credit cards, eat out less and keep your car in the garage when you do go out. New data shows that the US economy has entered a dark tunnel, with no clear end in sight yet, as a spate of gloomy data hit the streets […]

white house thinks US won’t be fall into recession

February 12, 2008


Perhaps Senator Barack Obama’s message of hope is so infectious that it has even permeated the White House. In a one-two punch today, two of the president’s men claimed through different forums that recession in the US economy is not looming and probably will pass the country by. The chairman of the White House Council […]