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steve jobs’ dilemma

January 16, 2009


It is horrible to be ill. It is even worse when one gets hounded about it the way Apple’s visionary and practically indispensable chief, Steve Jobs, has been. One instinctively feels sorry for the man. Hasn’t he done enough to light up the world with the innovative and game-changing gadgets and gizmos his company sends […]

another nominee snag?

January 12, 2009


So much for the soon-to-be Obama administration’s so-called stringent vetting processes for hiring staffers. Bill Richardson has already withdrawn from being considered as Commerce Secretary. The choice for the next attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., continues to face much criticism and skepticism for his years in private practice and his dodgy recommendations for presidential […]

oil prices still the key

May 8, 2008


While the worst of the credit crunch might be over, as articulated by US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in the hope of shoring up confidence in the battered US economy, the real indicator consumers should be watching is oil prices. The economy has been flirting with disaster, no thanks to the credit crunch, which led […]

microsoft right to walk from yahoo

May 7, 2008


Pundits can deride Microsoft for walking away from the hostile Yahoo takeover deal as much as they want, but Microsoft can heave a sigh of relief for dodging a bullet. No, Steve Ballmer was not being all hat and no cattle, as some have labeled his action for withdrawing from the attempt to buy Yahoo […]

gas tax holiday more harmful than good

April 30, 2008


With 44 percent of Americans┬átelling a recent poll that rising gas prices is a serious economic concern, it is no wonder that the presidential candidates have weighed in on the issue. But it would be a mistake to cave in to populism and enact a gas and diesel tax holiday, as proposed by both presumptive […]

the sorrow of flight

April 22, 2008


Twenty years ago, air travel was exciting, fun and exotic. Taking a plane to one’s destination was part of the journey and signaled the start of the vacation. People would dress well to board a plane. The flight attendants were courteous and helpful. Meals were not great, of course, but it was not the joke […]

microsoft’s bidder’s remorse

April 18, 2008


Microsoft chief executive Steve Baller must hate to face “I told you so!” moments. Yet he had to endure one in a most public way yesterday. Nobody out there really believes that the takeover of Yahoo was a good idea for Microsoft, so who was advising Microsoft again? It ought to demand the money it […]