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alan johnston is released

July 3, 2007


After constantly tightening the screw, Hamas, which now runs Gaza, has managed to get a Palestinian militant group holding BBC reporter Alan Johnston to set him free. The Army of God had held the reporter hostage since March 12, or for nearly four months. He was reported to be back in the BBC’s Gaza office, […]

setback for johnston

June 17, 2007


In what is perhaps a setback for the release of kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston, his kidnappers have gone to the media, not with news of his freedom, but with threats to kill him if their demands were not met. Gaza-based extremist group, the Army of Islam, which had said it has held Johnston since […]

hope for alan johnston?

June 15, 2007


Perhaps Hamas’ control of Gaza will yield at least one good thing — the freedom of captured BBC journalist Alan Johnston. After a week of bitter fighting with Fatah, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s forces, Hamas has gained the upper hand in Gaza. And one of the first things they have done, to their credit, […]

alan johnston update

May 9, 2007


BBC journalist Alan Johnston, who has been missing since March 12, has reportedly been kidnapped by a Gaza-based group called Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam). In a tape submitted to the Arabic news channel al-Jazeera, the group claims they have Mr Johnston, showed his BBC work pass and demanded the release of Muslim prisoners held […]

would you stop flying to save the environment?

May 8, 2007


The BBC has this astonishing story – the Germans, known as one of the most intrepid globe-trotters, are cutting down on travels abroad, in the name of saving the environment. To satisfy their travel lust, they’re going to other parts of Germany, the warmer coastal regions, mostly by trains so that they can cut down […]

tower of power

May 3, 2007


Amidst the doom and gloom of global warming and its catastrophic consequences, Seville in the south of Spain is shining a light on alternative energy. There, a new power plant using solar thermal power employs 600 giant mirrors to reflect light from the sun to a 40-floor tower. The heat activates a boiler at the […]

Save Alan Johnston

April 30, 2007


Just doing my wee bit here, hopefully, to help save the life of an outstanding and compassionate fellow journalist – the BBC’s Alan Johnston. Mr Johnston was seized while working in Gaza City on March 12, and though he is still believed to be alive, the BBC says there hasn’t been direct information on his […]