dead pirates can’t spend ransom

Posted on January 12, 2009


Karma truly is a bitch.

Fresh after extorting $3 million in ransom money from the owners of the Saudi supertanker, Sirius Star, one of the Somali pirates involved in the nasty deed have reportedly drowned while running back to the lair from whence they came.

The boat carrying the drowned pirate and his associates capsized on the way home towards central Somalia. If the drowned pirate had not held on so tightly to the money, he might have lived to commit more heinous crimes. Guess the weight of the cash took him down. Three other pirates were reported to have lost their loot as the boat went down but escaped with their lives.

Some of the cash seems to have washed up onshore.

The group of high-seas robbers took the supertanker hostage in November, during a wave of high-profile piracy cases in the Gulf of Aden. The supertanker’s cargo was $100 million worth of oil when it was seized.

The international community is beefing up its defense against pirates, looking into how to cut down on the over 100 cases of piracy in the region in 2008 alone. In the meantime, this should serve a cautionary tale — crime doesn’t pay.

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