simpsons too corrupting for kids, baywatch ok

Posted on April 9, 2008


This is too hilarious to pass up — Venezuela’s TV station Televen has bowed to pressure to pull The Simpsons off the air as it has been deemed too “inappropriate” for children.

So what did it replace the satirical cartoon with? Baywatch Hawaii.

Which means that for the Venezuelan television authorities, images of women dressed in skimpy swimsuits prancing around in front of the cameras in slow motion are more acceptable than The Simpsons‘ brand of wacky humor.

The country’s TV regulator sees the adventures of the five-member Simpson family as flouting regulations that prohibit “messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents”. Hmmm, and Baywatch Hawaii sends a suitable message to kids?

Perhaps it is the same Venezuelan culture that takes an inordinate amount of pride in their women winning big in international beauty contests that makes it more tolerable for inane and scantily-clad women to be shown in the morning, rather than humor.

The Simpsons was shown during a mid-morning slot. But hang on, shouldn’t kids be in school at that hour? So who is really watching the cartoon at that time?

The station has not banned the airing of The Simpsons completely though. It might still run the program at a different time slot.

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