stand your ground, hillary

Posted on April 1, 2008


They really have it in for Hillary Clinton, don’t they?

The latest Democratic party heavyweight to weigh in on the Democratic presidential primary race is speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

While she did not openly state whether she was supporting Clinton or the other Democratic party contender, Barack Obama, her intentions seem clear. Pelosi made the case for the nominating contest to end early, so that the party could be united behind the chosen one and have a better shot of regaining the White House in November’s general election.

Pelosi’s remarks follow another Congressional colleague’s — Senator Patrick Leahy — more blatant action of publicly asking Clinton to drop out of the race.

Another senator, Chris Dodd, used the guise of the party being hurt in the long run by the protracted Democratic primaries to urge a quick end to the race and an emergence of a nominee for the party to rally around.

So it’s really all about the party, isn’t it?

How about remembering that the elections are about the people, not the precious Democratic party? What happened to letting people decide who they want as their candidate?

They really should chill out, just as Bill Clinton suggested.

What is so bad about having a good debate about whom the Democrats should put forward for November? And isn’t it interesting that the calls for Clinton to drop out are getting stronger even as the New York senator is reported to have a 12-point lead over Obama in the upcoming battleground, Pennsylvania?

Good thing Clinton remains adamant about fighting on and is still standing, despite the countless blows thrown at her.

Let the contest go on so that the Democrats can continue to get the lion’s share of the media attention and the eventual nominee will be well-tested and sharpened to face John McCain. That really is not as bad for the Democrats as some seem to think it is.

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