more a380 problems

Posted on March 30, 2008


Oh boy, here we go again.

More trouble from the world’s biggest passenger jetliner, the Airbus 380, the seven-storey tall behemoth of an airplane that could seat 449 passengers in its double decks.

Singapore Airlines, currently the only carrier to operate the aircraft, had to announce mechanical problems of the plane today for the second time in one week, which is also the fifth incident since it started flying the plane last October.

In this latest incident (Saturday evening Singapore time), the plane’s take-off was delayed by over an hour due to a problem in its fuel line, which carries fuel between the aircraft’s respective fuel tanks.

The plane was bound for Sydney from Singapore.

This latest incident comes at an awkward time for SIA. It had just claimed, in a damage control media blitz in Singapore, that the A380 has one of the best introduction record among all the types of aircraft it had brought into service.

SIA was also quick to dismiss its highly-publicized woes with the A380 as teething problems it would smooth out.

As for compensation for affected passengers, such as those who had their A380 flights canceled, SIA claims that the amounts are not substantial to the airline.

SIA has on hand three of the 29 A380s it ordered from Airbus.

It must be praying hard that the new craft that have yet to be delivered would somehow be less problematic than the ones already in operation and spare it from having to issue more embarrassing announcements of glitches.

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