no wonder britney is so messed up

Posted on March 7, 2008


Maybe now there is explanation for why Britney Spears is so troubled.

The ever more bizarre and convoluted story of the pop star’s descent took another lamentable turn yesterday when Spears’ father, who was granted conservator of his daughter and co-conservator of her estate, was allowed to pay himself $2,500 a week out of her funds for his efforts, along with car-leasing rights.

So that means the neighborhood of $10,000 a month, plus whatever fancy car he might choose to lease.

No wonder Spears is suffering from a mental breakdown, the original basis on which her father has been granted the right to gain control of her estate and her affairs. With parents like these, who needs enemies?

I thought parents are supposed to be there to for their children, no strings attached and certainly no checkbook needed. Guess I am too old and out of touch with how parenting is conducted these days.

Granted, Spears’ is an extreme case, with her downward spiral well-documented not just in the tabloids but also on mainstream news broadcasts. But isn’t it just cynical to have to be paid to help sort out one’s own child’s affairs? Even an Associated Press report, whose tone is usually a vanilla and stick-to-the-facts style, couldn’t help throwing in a dig at Spears’ father, “Being Britney Spears’ father is now a paying gig – through most of the summer, at least.”

This is a parent who has a history of drug addiction and was last cited as having a job as a caterer. Wonder if that job got him $10,000 a month, along with transport expenses? If his children are troubled or out of control, such as Spears’ 16-year old sister being pregnant out of wedlock, at least part of the blame has to laid at his feet (and his wife’s) for bad parenting.

People who hate Spears would say that she brought all this mess upon herself. I am no fan of hers but I feel that the singer really has it bad. While she struggles to deal with all that, there does seem to be no end to those willing to kick her when she is down and suck her dry of her fortune, not even her own family. Makes one think the poor woman does not really have much of a fighting chance.

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