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Posted on March 5, 2008


It truly ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

And the lady, though certainly not fat, isn’t about to sing just yet.

Hillary Clinton might have been left for dead, derided, picked on for everything from her voice, her laugh, her eyes and her clothes. But she has proven how tough she is, refusing to despair when the odds are against her, and campaigning her heart out. With her fierce determination and fighting spirit, she should be the hope candidate rather than her opponent Barack Obama.


Reuters photo

She will live to fight another day after tonight’s victories in Ohio and Rhode Island, thanks to voters who still believe that she is the one best poised to take the White House and start a new chapter in the US political story.

Through all the barbs that have been hurled at her, the pundits who thought she would be buried tonight and the arrogance displayed by Obama’s campaign prior to today’s crucial votes in urging her to step aside, she has kept fighting and is still standing. And standing tall tonight.

She won comfortably in Rhode Island, 58% to Obama’s 40%. Rhode Island is usually seen as the Kennedy dynasty’s backyard, so Clinton’s prevalence there once more cocks a snook at the Kennedys’ endorsement of Obama. Vermont went big to Obama, but the night’s sweet victory for Clinton was Ohio, where she was ahead 56% to 42%, based on just over 80% of the votes counted.

Clinton has been the media’s favorite punching bag, who time and again cheerfully wrote her off, only to find that Clinton would not stay down.

So despite losing 11 contests in a row to Obama, Clinton can say that on March 4, she has slowed his momentum and that the race should continue on to Pennsylvania, the next delegate-rich state holding its primary on April 22.

Thanking her supporters in Columbus, Ohio, Clinton was at her feisty best.

“For everyone here in Ohio and across America, who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out and…

… for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, and for everyone…

… who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you,” she said to wild cheers.

While Clinton is holding the slimmest of leads in Texas, it is still too close to call as of now, and the picture could be muddied further by the caucus that follows the state’s primary on the same day.

But the Clinton victory today will start to bring into question whether Obama has got what it takes to close the deal. More ominously for him, Democratic party elders might also be pondering if Obama could prevail in the general elections, given how he has not been able to take the big states that would be crucial in November. Other than Illinois, Obama has not been able to carry another populous state. And Ohio has usually played the role of a swing state that could decide the presidential elections.

However, to put things in perspective, Clinton is still not completely out of the woods. Upcoming caucuses in Wyoming and a primary in Mississippi, may not be favorable to her. She is also still behind in the delegate count and her nomination, by this point, will not be determined by voters but the party’s superdelegates. She might yet falter in the ultimate step.

But she has demonstrated more than once that she possesses grit and will, and can come back from the brink when others have been busy trying to bury her. A true Comeback Girl indeed.

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