gore stays on the sidelines

Posted on February 12, 2008


Thank god there are still adults left in the Democratic Party.

Al Gore has wisely opted to stay out of the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fray, refraining from endorsing any of them, according to CNN.

He is said to be speaking to both candidates on a regular basis and has friendly relationships with them.

It is crucial that Gore maintains the demeanor of an elder statesman which he has earned in recent years, especially after the party’s most prominent leaders, like Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry have taken sides.

So let the voters decide on who the next Democratic presidential nominee would be. Democracy has to run its course. Party leaders should stay out, unless they need to be called in to knock heads and broker an agreement should the delegate count of either candidate not meet the requirement to clinch the nomination.

Gore is doing great work on bringing awareness and action to the problems of global warming, and he should concentrate on this urgent issue.

But who knows? Gore could still be a candidate himself, it is still not too late for a person with his name recognition and enhanced stature from the past few years.

If he does, it would be an even more interesting twist to an already fascinating election.