msnbc’s clinton slur

Posted on February 9, 2008


Mitt Romney’s five sons campaigned for him extensively, traveling throughout the country with their father and gave media interviews on his behalf. And nobody passes any derogatory remarks about them.

But when Chelsea Clinton works the phones to help her mum Hillary by calling the Democratic Party’s superdelegates for their support, MSNBC anchor David Shuster accuses the Clinton camp of pimping out their daughter.

At least the company was canny enough to do damage control by suspending Shuster. Perhaps it would even be brave enough to fire the idiot. Have they not taught him in journalism school that he should keep his opinions to himself and just stick to reporting the news?

MSNBC and parent company NBC News ought to make an example of Shuster and show that their network will no longer dismiss or take lightly the history of sexist and tasteless comments their anchors have been making, in particular against the Clinton campaign. Another of its anchor, Chris Matthews, had recently had to apologize on-air to Clinton for saying that her campaign was enabled by Bill Clinton’s philandering.

Clinton was right to make a fuss about Shuster’s remarks and ought to stick to her threat of withdrawing from an upcoming presidential debate hosted by MSNBC.

While it is inevitable that once a person decides to run for public office, her and her family are under scrutiny and will be subject to all kinds of comments and remarks, there is no need for the below-the-belt remarks like those hurled by the so-called journalists of MSNBC.

It is especially galling that Shuster chose to use such a reprehensible metaphor on Chelsea for doing what candidates’ children do to help their parents – the misogynistic subtext used to demean her is undeniable and totally uncalled for.

Whether or not you like her, there is no denying the harsh attacks that Clinton’s candidacy has had to endure by a media which obviously shudders at the thought of her being the next president and would be glad to see her fail.

Perhaps she has not buttered them up enough or provided them with the kind of access these often vain and self-serving journalists crave. Or she might have offended some during her long years in public service.

But the likes of MSNBC has to stop with the kind of personal and tasteless cheap shots they have been lobbing. They would have won a lot more respect and credibility had they stuck to attacking Clinton’s policy platforms and record instead.