clinton wins florida

Posted on January 30, 2008


Never mind that the Florida primary was an anti-climax for the Democrats, as the state’s delegates were stripped of its place in the Democratic National Convention as a punishment for moving its primary up without approval from the party.

Hillary Clinton won there, and by a large margin, capturing 50 per cent of the votes, ahead of Barack Obama’s 33 per cent and John Edwards’ 14 per cent.

But just watch the anti-Clinton media get into motion to dismiss her win and spin this into another “proof” of her playing dirty and find ways to condemn her for winning. In fact, Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes was already drawing first blood. You can bet that they and other anti-Clinton outlets would be throwing things like she “cheated”, her tactics are “cynical” and similar accusations at her and her campaign. Yawn.

But here are some indelible facts.

Florida may be largely symbolic but it is an important state in the general elections, not only for its electoral votes but as a good representation of the nation, with its diverse racial and economic make-up.

Notably, Florida’s voters gave Clinton more votes than the other early-voting states.

Some Floridans told the news media that the results tonight are a better reflection of their views of the Democratic contest, as no candidates campaigning there nor bombarding their airwaves with ads gave them a better chance to reflect on their choices without being affected by negativity or mud-slinging.

Unlike Michigan, Clinton-haters can’t spin Florida this time.

Every Democratic hopeful was on the ballot, that is, both Obama and Edwards, besides Clinton.

Even though they knew the contest did not count, 1.7 million registered Democrats went out to vote. In contrast, a hotly-contested Republic race which awarded delegates to the winner drew only a marginally higher number of Republican voters, 1.9 million.

Perhaps the Republicans should start worrying a lot more about how energized the Democrats and its supporters are.

More significantly, 50 per cent of the 1.7 million Democratic voters stood behind Clinton, or some 857,000. That’s significantly higher that Republican winner John McCain’s 693,000 or runner-up Mitt Romney’s 598,000.

There is no denying the momentum and significance the win in this very important state gives Clinton, going into Super Tuesday on February 5, when 23 states are in play.

Exit polls in Florida showed that Clinton enjoyed strong support among women, Latinos, whites and older voters, with many telling pollsters that they regarded her as the most qualified candidate to lead the country among the Democratic slate.

The Clintons did not campaign there but were in Florida for fund-raisers and to shake hands with financial backers,

For those who want to single her out as the one who broke the pledge among the Democratic candidates that there would be no campaigning in the Sunshine state, keep in mind that Obama actually ran ads in Florida. Obama himself also went to Florida for fundraisers. Ditto Edwards.

So never mind that the so-called mighty Kennedy dynasty has chosen to back Obama as the candidate of change, which is frankly a joke when the Kennedys are the biggest fat cats of the establishment one could think of.

What was even more laughable was when Ted Kennedy said he would campaign alongside Obama for Hispanic and lower income votes. Get real – do the Kennedys really think they have clout over the Hispanics and the poor while they themselves epitomize the elitist, preppy and white Easterner? Talk about needing a reality check. It would have been more realistic of a claim if New Mexico Bill Richardson had endorsed either Clinton or Obama, as his support would have counted for so much more for delivering the Hispanic vote than Kennedy’s deluded claim.