white house, blackwater

Posted on October 31, 2007


At this juncture when things are going downhill at a faster pace than the Bush administration can take a breather and when it needs the support of Congress to remain in Iraq more than ever, why did it stupidly allow the State Department to grant immunity to the Blackwater security personnel in the case under investigation? Have the Bush administration and the State Department lost their minds? Or are they just so arrogant that they just don’t give a damn?

It’s a mistake so glaring that other government officials are even calling it a misstep, or have said it would hinder or compromise investigations by the FBI. Some are even incredulous that the State Department had the temerity to grant the immunity. Perhaps I was sleeping during my government classes, but since when did the State Department have the right to grant immunity when cases are under investigation? Isn’t that the Justice Department’s duty?

Pardon me, I forgot that obstruction of justice, corruption and non-accountability are the modus operandi of this administration. It is so above the law that it can hand out immunity to its cronies any time, and get away with it. By now, we should have been used to tactics like pardon and immunity being trademarks of this administration to cover up for any type of wrongdoing.

Perhaps they are too busy congratulating themselves on doing a heck of a job and have totally forgotten to think about the consequences of granting immunity to thuggish behaviour that could have caused the death of 17 innocent Iraqi civilians. Or maybe they do know deep down – even if they aren’t willing to admit it to themselves – that the Iraq war is lost for good, so who cares about winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi civilians anyway?

It’s just a shame that they’re way too stupid and short-sighted to realize that they’re making things even worse than it is, especially when the issue at hand involved defenseless civilians being killed. Wake up! Just wait for the outrage and retaliation that will erupt from the Iraqi side at the news of the immunity. The troops over there will have to pay the price, with their lives.

That brings me to the next question – why are these contractors, who are getting a handsome salary for their “work”, granted immunity and can’t be held accountable, while our troops, who likewise risk their lives and are not paid anywhere near the contractors, are not protected the same way? I’m not suggesting that crimes ought to go unpunished or swept under the carpet. I am just curious about the double standards here, especially the hypocrisy, when the line is always that we support the troops.

Giving immunity to the likes of the Blackwater hired guns will just perpetuate the arrogance that they have not failed to display. It will make them think they’re above the law and allow them to carry on with their trigger happy ways.

It’s pretty obvious that the State Department doesn’t want investigators to get to the bottom of this incident. Or it’s payback time to Blackwater CEO Erik Prince, who has given tens of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party.