FEMA fakes it

Posted on October 27, 2007


The Federal Emergency Management Administration is doing a heck of a job again.

This time, it faked a news conference on Tuesday to talk about the fires in California.

The hastily-arranged conference didn’t have actual reporters asking FEMA questions on its response or goof-ups to the fiery disaster in California. Instead, FEMA put its employees in the place of reporters and had them ask questions – while the entire thing was broadcast live on some TV networks, such as Fox News and MSNBC. Reporters were allowed to listen in on the phone but were not allowed to ask questions.

The ruse was exposed by The Washington Post and the agency has apologized for its “error of judgment”.

While disappointing, this is probably unlikely to shock those who are already throughly disgusted with the tactics of this administration, where everything is manipulated or stage-managed. We have been reading about how FEMA is much better prepared this time, how it has learned from the lessons of Katrina and how much more diligent it is in covering its bases – and then this. Guess its priority is putting up appearances, more than really getting things done properly.

The worst thing about this shameful incident is that nobody is even shocked at this level of corruption and ineptitude anymore. And no one’s head seems about to roll for it either.

We used to learn in history that propaganda was a hallmark of the communist government. Looks like the Bush administration took a leaf from their playbook and did one better. This whole incident would have been funny, if it wasn’t so sad and disgusting.

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