cindy sheehan vs nancy pelosi

Posted on August 10, 2007


Cindy Sheehan is making good on her word of running against the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Last month, she threw down the gauntlet at Pelosi — impeach Bush for the lies and pretext for going to war with Iraq by July 23, or Sheehan herself would make a run for office to dislodge Pelosi.

Pelosi hadn’t started impeachment procedures and a fed-up Sheehan, who, like many other Americans had voted the Republicans out of office in 2006 in the hope that the Democrats would start withdrawing from the Iraq war, has decided to get into office herself to make change happen.

Sheehan shot to international prominence as the grieving mother of a fallen Iraq war soldier, who turned her grief into anger, holding a vigil for weeks outside Bush’s Texas camp and demanding to speak to him.

At the announcement of her run yesterday, she said her late son inspired her candidacy.

Sheehan also pledged to take the high road — she will not accept donations from corporations and will run as an independent on issues like universal health care and making ethics improvement a priority in government.

Does Sheehan stand a chance?

She does have name recognition from her anti-Bush and anti-Iraq crusade.

Fund-raising is not going to be easy, going against the infinitely more well-connected Pelosi. But Sheehan is probably going to draw lots of disgruntled Democratic supporters to her side, those who have become impatient with what they perceive as foot-dragging by the Democrats on bringing the troops home.

Sheehan’s candidacy will no doubt draw massive media attention and energize those who believe that both the mainstream Republican and Democratic parties have lost their sights and forgotten about the common people.

She might be a long shot, but she could still get a number of votes from people disgruntled with DC, and in particular, the Democrats.

Ratings for Congress are low — 29 per cent, even lower than Bush’s 33 per cent — and Pelosi could be vulnerable. This is one more battle Pelosi could ill-effort to be distracted by.

But kudos to people like Sheehan. This ought to wake the Democrats from their slumber and remind them that the people cannot be taken for granted.

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