rudy’s girls

Posted on August 7, 2007


What does it mean when your own flesh and blood doesn’t even support your presidential bid?

Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani must be doing some serious soul-searching, if it isn’t already all battered and shattered, about the news that his daughter Caroline, has not backed his candidacy.

Twisting the knife even harder, the 17-year old daughter of the former New York mayor isn’t even a Republican-supporter, but a political liberal, with her bets placed on Barack Obama.

At least that’s what her Facebook profile says, until reporters from online magazine Slate spotted and reported on it, prompting the girl to pull out of the Obama Facebook group, “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack).” Her spokespeople have said she didn’t wish to comment, while further denying that Caroline’s erstwhile membership in the group is an indication of political endorsement.

Poor Rudy. The women in his life are making more political waves and getting a bigger slice of the limelight than he has been.

First, it was the catty stories about his third wife, Judith Nathan, the latest from Vanity Fair, which depicted her as a scheming, self-important, gold-digging social climber, demanding a separate airline seat for her precious Louis Vuitton bag, traveling with a huge security detail and being on the candidate’s payroll as a speechwriter but doing no writing.

Now, it’s this hoo-ha about his daughter Caroline. Which many say is understandable, given the unpleasant circumstances around which Rudy had divorced Caroline’s mother, his second wife Donna Hanover.

His children with Hanover, Caroline and Andrew, are reportedly estranged from him. Son Andrew has admitted as much, telling the New York Times that “There’s obviously a little problem that exists between me and his wife (Judith Nathan).” Andrew is also sitting out in participating in his father’s presidential campaign.

Such a difference from the Clintons. Their only daughter, Chelsea, is said to be weighing how much to be involved in her mother Hillary’s campaign. In her case, there’s absolutely no doubt where Chelsea’s loyalties stand.

It’s the same story with other previous and present presidential hopefuls’ families. The Edwards’ older daughter is involved with her father John’s campaign, while John Kerry’s daughters were also by his side during the last presidential contest.

Could Giuliani’s sins be coming back to haunt him?

It certainly looks that way, when his own family doesn’t provide him with unequivocal support. Being a Republican, he looks likely to further alienate his conservative base, not just with his three marriages, but with an obviously awkward relationship with his children.

More importantly, another big group that could turn against him is women.

They might not take kindly to his mean-spiritedness and the way he had humiliated his ex-wife Hanover, by announcing that he is dumping her during a press conference.

Along with the highly unflattering image of Nathan that has been painted in the picture, Giuliani risks alienating women, a very substantial group of voters.

His clinch on the Republican nomination is also loose, especially with the very-likely candidacy of Fred Thompson, a more certified conservative (although he has another set of woman’s troubles – the media is drawing attention to the fact that his wife is too young and too blond).

All Giuliani had said in response to the storm about his daughter’s leanings is that he loves her very much and respects her.

Obama must be having a good chuckle. The Democratic hopeful told the media that he would love to meet Caroline.