russia’s revenge

Posted on August 6, 2007


Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We tried offering a base in Azerbaijan to you so that we could work together on the whole missile defense shield system, but you declined, so don’t be surprised that we’re producing intercontinental ballistic missiles for new-generation nuclear submarines or beefing up our air defense.

That’s in essence Russia’s message of defiance and retaliation to the Western world, particularly Bush’s plan to install a US missile defense system in what Russia still see as rightful sphere of influence, the Czech Republic and Poland, despite these countries already being in the European Union and NATO.

Russia had never believed US explanations that the anti-missile system is for warding off potential danger from states like Iran or North Korea. It thinks the US system is not only redundant, but a real threat to Russia itself. Last month, Russia stopped participating in the conventional arms treaty that puts limits on Russia and NATO deployments in Europe.

Now that its Bulava-M missiles were successfully tested recently, Russia will be ordering more of it.

Russia isn’t stopping there. It’s also stepping up its air defense, with a new system that has missile-intercepting weapons, Reuters reports.

The surface-to-air missile unit can destroy ballistic targets, ballistic missiles and aerodynamic targets, according to the Russians. Ostensibly, it is meant to defend Russia’s 2014, which would be held in Russia’s Black Sea region of Sochi. But in reality, the air defense system is a not-so-veiled counter to the US’ planned system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

In a sign that’s reminiscent of the arms race era, Russia added that it has started work on a more sophisticated anti-missile defense system that will be mobile.

An increasingly-assertive and oil and natural minerals boom-induced cash-rich Russia will be harder to deal with. Add to that the ultranationalism that Putin has actively been spreading among the youth, and it looks like the West will have another Cold War-style issue to contend with.

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