hey that AK-47 looks familiar…

Posted on August 5, 2007


More incompetence in Iraq, brought to you by the White House one-two of Bush-Cheney.

This time, it’s weapons that were distributed to Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005.

The Washington Post reports that 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols, or 30 per cent of the total, given to the Iraqi forces have been found unaccounted for by the General Accountability Office.

The Pentagon has not denied or disputed the numbers reported by the GAO.

The bad news — these weapons could have fallen into the hands of enemy insurgents who were posing as Iraqi “security forces”. They would have collected the weapons, disappeared and regrouped with other anti-US combatants, using the very same weapons against US forces.

Yup, the Bush administration goes on and on about how Iran is arming the insurgents that are causing so much pain and suffering to the troops, but the bozos at the Pentagon practically gave those weapons away to enemy insurgents themselves.

Of course, Rummy was the master of the universe who thought him and the boys at the Department of Defense could sort silly, trifling things like that out, and butted the State Department out of their traditional responsibility of security training. And Rummy and the boys not only had no plan for the aftermath of the first attack, they simply screwed up the whole security training and equipping piece.

And it gets better. As of last month, according to the Post report, the Pentagon still hasn’t been able to tell the GAO what kinds of accountability procedures, if it had any, were in place.

But this isn’t the worst yet — guess who the genius of this mismanaged distribution of weapons and failure to account for them is?

That’s right, General David Petraeus, the very same guy who’s now in charge of the entire US force in Iraq, who was then taking care only of security training.

How very keeping-in-character of Bush. So, Petraeus didn’t have a proper distribution system and failed to follow established procedure? Gee, then he’s Bush’s kind of heck-of-job guy, give Petraeus a promotion!

The most dismal thing is, stories like this perhaps just doesn’t surprise or outrage anymore. This is just another incident to add to the long list of this administration’s incompetence. What’s clear is this administration’s ineptitude is causing the Pentagon to arm the insurgents against our own troops.

Is it possible that even more incompetence like this will soon be uncovered? The awful truth is most likely, yes.

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Meet the Press today that the US might start withdrawing troops from Iraq by the end of the year. But it could very well be a ruse to cool down increasingly-intense opposition, especially by a growing number of Republican legislators, to the senseless war in Iraq. Gates said the outcome will depend on the progress report that will be out in September.

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