congressional cowardice

Posted on August 4, 2007


Maybe they were just desperate to move along onto their holiday, because the Democrats have once again demonstrated how spineless and useless they are.

The Senate caved, bent over and allowed Bush to stick it to them over the Republican plan to change federal government’s terrorist surveillance laws, with the Bill passing 60-28. This includes a 60-day extension that would expand US spy agencies’ ability to eavesdrop on foreign suspects without warrants.

Which means the government could intercept any emails or phone calls from the US with people outside of the country.

16 Democrats in the Senate actually joined the Republicans in voting for the Bill.

The House has just gone and done the same, with a 227-183 vote.

Despite holding majorities in both Houses of Congress, standing firm and saying no to what is unconstitutional, the Democrats have pathetically allowed the Republicans and the White House to brow beat them again.

All Bush had to do was to whip out the fear-mongering words like terrorism and security. Are the Democrats really so dumb as to believe him when he utters platitudes like “…we are not going to put our national security at risk” or when his goons wave about terms like the legislation being able to give the government “tools” to “protect” the nation?

How is eavesdropping on the phonecalls of ordinary Americans to friends overseas helping to protect national security, especially now that the requirement that the suspect ought to have an Al-Qaeda link before being eavesdropped on, is scrapped?

Why are the Democrats capitulating to utter bullshit that the Republicans have been throwing around, like a vote against the measure would put the US at a greater risk of attack? In the face of such illogical reasoning, how could the Democrats have been so spineless?

What’s even more laughable is that the oversight for the law will be provided by the director of national intelligence and the attorney-general. You mean the same attorney general named Alberto Gonzalez and is really the White House’s lapdog, doing its every bidding? Oh yeah, he’s also the one who went to former attorney general John Ashcroft’s hospital bed while he was recovering from surgery, to force Ashcroft to reauthorize the secret wiretapping program.

Caroline Frederickson, head of the American Civil Liberties Union office in Washington DC, told the New York Times: “The Democrats caved in to the politics of fear we’re seeing from this administration. They didn’t want to be depicted as soft on terrorism. But this measure removes any court oversight from surveillance on Americans in a large number of cases.”

Thank you for letting the terrorists win by taking away the civil liberties that is an integral part of American rights.

No wonder Congress has even more dismal ratings than one of the most universally-despised presidents ever.

It’s obvious that the Democrats is unable to play their role that they have been voted in for, to counter the ever-expanding powers of this imperial presidency, let alone govern.

They’ve just made it a lot easier for voters to swing their support towards independents instead.

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