impeach bush

Posted on July 6, 2007


That’s what about half of the US public polled said they would like to do.

In a poll by the American Research Group among 1,100 Americans by telephone from July 3-5, 45 percent said they would support the US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against president Bush, with a tiny majority, 46 percent opposing impeachment for him.

More interestingly but unsurprisingly, a majority – 54 per cent – favors impeaching vice-president Dick Cheney. Only 40 per cent oppose the measure.

But judging from the way the Democrats have been acting — not having the spine to stop the war in Iraq although they were expressly voted in on that issue — we can forget about them capitalizing on the people’s sentiment about this issue, and actually starting impeachment proceedings on the president.

Although in April, Representative Dennis Kucinich a long-shot Democratic presidential hopeful, did introduce a resolution calling for Cheney’s impeachment. To date, the measure has nine listed co-sponsors and a 10th set to sign on when the House returns to work next week, AP reports.

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