restoring justice

Posted on May 21, 2007


Most people might hear news coverage of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and his links to the Department of Justice’s dismissal of eight attorneys and feel that it’s all media hype, particularly left-wing, liberal hysteria.

Granted, it’s hard to feel sorry for attorneys. All those bad jokes about them make it hard for most people to care much if they were fired, much less feel moved to do something or be outraged at what has happened in the Justice Department.

What’s all the fuss about, one might ask.

Here’s a superb New York Times editorial explaining why we should care and be riled about what has happened.

NYT argues that serious damage has been done to the Justice Department, trust in the powerful offices of the US attorneys eroded and partisanship has run rampant.

The firings have become much more than just a personnel matter at the Justice Department.

The Republican Party has employed the offices of US attorneys to be unabashedly partisan, promoting the interest of the Republican Party.

A line has been crossed and it’s now Congress’ turn not just to press for Gonzales’ resignation, but ensure there is reform in the Justice Department and that there will not be a repetition of something this cynical.

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