justice? not quite yet

Posted on May 14, 2007


So is the resignation of the number 2 guy in the Department of Justice, Paul McNulty, an attempt to assuage the anger directed most strongly at the top person, Alberto Gonzales?

In his resignation, McNulty ostensibly said the reason for his pending departure in late summer is to join the private sector, due to the financial pressure of having college-bound kids, the Washington Post reports.

There was no mention of the controversy in his letter of resignation to Gonzales.

While the momentum to get rid of Gonzales in the wake of the scandal over the dimissal of nine US attorneys seem to have slowed, Democrats appear unmoved by McNulty’s actions.

“It seems ironic that Paul McNulty who at least tried to level with the committee goes while Gonzales who stonewalled the committee is still in charge,” Democratic (NY) Senator Charles Schumer, one of those demanding Gonzales’ resignation, said. “This administration owes us a lot better.”

Keep dreaming, Charles.

McNulty, a father of four, is just the latest in a number of people close to Gonzales at the Justice Department to quit. He has served 18 months there. Although insiders say he had never intended to stay for more than two years, his decision to leave could have been hastened by the developments surrounding the scandal, according to AP.

Is McNulty being made another scapegoat here? If so, why is it him, who was not closely involved in the dismissal, taking a bullet? Are his reasons truly as stated, or is he just making a quick exit before the heat turns up? So when will it be Gonzales’ turn to turn in his letter? What does he have on the Bush administration to keep him at his position despite the outcry and outrage?

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