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Posted on May 13, 2007


Happy mother’s day to all moms out there!

Today’s post, though, focuses on amazing animals who were long-haul travellers in unusual circumstances and lived to tell their not-so-comfortable tales.

First, a cat now named China, who survived a 35-day freight passage from China to US without food and water.


China the cat (AP picture)

China was found in a box, of all things, of motorcycle helmets, which made its way to North Carolina. It’s now being vaccinated, quarantined and monitored, but vets fear that it may have to be euthanized. The co-worker of the guy who found China is hoping to adopt it, and hopes that the cat will make it.

Vets told news agencies that cats have the amazing ability to survive this long without food or water as their bodies can adjust. Their kidneys make up for the lack of water and receive amounts of moisture from condensation. Looks like cats will have better chances of survival in a holocaust than us human beings!

The other curious animal story – that of a Magellanic penguin, a natural inhabitant of the cold southern tip of Chile, which somehow swam 3,000 miles way off course, to end up in Peru’s more temperate climate, about 14 degrees south of the equator. Maybe it just wanted a vacation in a warmer climate.


AFP picture

What’s even more unusual was that the confused little penguin, who had an injured wing, appears to have made the journey alone.

Authorities in Peru’s Paracus natural reserve are hoping to have it healed and returned to its natural habitat. That’s because the natural reserve has an abundance of a different breed of penguins, the Humboldt penguins, which might reject the newcomer, according to news reports.

The little Megellanic penguin would presumably have plenty of tales to tell the others when it gets home.

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