dalai lama shut out of belgium

Posted on May 11, 2007


China, the 20 ton gorilla, has flexed its muscle once again.

This time, Belgium has bowed to its pressure, blocking the Dalai Lama from a scheduled visit this week to Tibetan groups in Brussels.


picture from the Dalai Lama official website www.dalailama.com

Belgium is the latest in a series of nations kowtowing to China, as many increasingly make political decisions with the view of China being the world’s fourth largest economy.

Poor Dalai Lama. His timing on this couldn’t have been worse. Belgium is sending a delegation to China next week, with the hope of boosting trade and business ties.

It’s not enough that China had invaded Tibet in 1950 and forced the Dalai Lama and his followers to flee and live in exile in northern India. China has constantly sought to discredit the Nobel Prize winner, calling him a separatist and isolating him by pressuring countries into refusing visas for his visits. And nations eager to be a part of China’s economic miracle willingly provide complicity.