giuliani’s new tack

Posted on May 10, 2007


I’m tired of politicians polling to death to adopt positions that would go down best with the most number of voters.

I’m also sick of politicians who stand for nothing.

So I say it’s about time that politicians showed their true stripes and ran campaigns based on what they believe in and convince voters of the merit of their beliefs and arguments.

Ok, I’m a fool if I think that’s really going to happen.

But at least presidential hopeful Rudolph Giuliani is finally standing firm and saying that he’s supporting abortion rights.

He’s due to talk about it further when he goes to Houston Baptist University for a campaign speech tomorrow, according to the Washington Post.

Part of it is of course due to his recent disastrous outing in the GOP presidential debate, contradicting himself with his answers and just plain confusing viewers on what his stand on the issue really is.

But kudos to him for making peace with his beliefs and sticking to them. It’s the return to the kind of tough, decisive image that has made him the political superstar that he is, and one the voting public appreciates, not some wavering, pandering undecided.

No doubt his stock with conservative voters will pretty much tank with this declaration. A New York Times/ CBS News poll in March found 53 per cent of Republicans supporting a nominee who would make abortions more difficult to obtain, the New York Times reported. On the other hand, a CNN/ Opinion Research Corporation poll released this week placed terrorism as the top issue for Republicans, while abortion ranked seventh on the list of 17 issues.

So moderate Republicans, especially women, might still give him a shot, given his track record and name recognition.

“I think it’s an uphill fight on that issue,” House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, told the Associate Press in an earlier interview. “But I think a lot of Republican voters see Rudy Giuliani as competent and able to do the job.”

If they can see the big picture, Republican primary voters will recognise that Giuliani is likely to do well with Democrats. Independents might also find him appealing, based on his strong leadership skills and the ability to get things done. He could also be formidable challenger to Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama, so it would be to GOP voters’ advantage to give him a real shot at securing the GOP’s nomination.

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