bye blair

Posted on May 10, 2007


It’ll be bye-bye Tony Blair, come June 27.

Blair, who has served for ten years as UK’s Prime Minister and holds the distinction of being the only Labour PM to have won three consecutive general elections, today made his highly-anticipated announcement to step down.

Ambitious, brilliant and charismatic, Blair will most likely be remembered as the man who entered No 10 Downing Street in a landslide victory in 1997 and generated high hopes, but ultimately fell on the sword that’s the Iraq war, in which he relentlessly supported the US, even as the British people vehemently opposed the country’s participation.

Blair will most likely be replaced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, known more for his fearsome intellect and tremendous energy for work than for his ease at speaking in front of an audience. Brown is launching his campaign for the premiership tomorrow, even as it seems all but certain that he will be the new PM.

In the meantime, Blair says he intends to keep busy, such as meeting France’s president-elect Nicholas Sarkozy in Paris tomorrow, and attending the G8 summit in Germany.

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