bursting bush’s bubble

Posted on May 10, 2007



Moderate House Republicans got President George W Bush in a room and told him in no uncertain terms – shape up on Iraq or we’d ship out.

They’ve set a fall deadline for the tide to turn on Iraq or Bush could risk losing their support.

If only it hadn’t taken them so long. They should have gone in there earlier to tell Bush the hard truth: that the American people oppose the war, Bush’s ratings are in the single digits in some districts and that this is hurting the GOP’s chances of retaining the White House and congressional elections next year.

But at the heart of it, their effort was not really due to the political impasse in Iraq or the number of Americans killed. These GOP Representatives finally did something because they wanted to save the party and their re-election chances. Nice.

Anyway, Bubble Boy has to be told the truth to his face. He’s so utterly un-curious and clueless about the world around him and constantly relies on his handlers to bring him the news, it is usually so filtered he probably doesn’t get the real picture. The report said he welcomed the feedback from the GOP members but one wonders if it would be acted upon.

By the way, is the Iraqi parliament seriously thinking of taking a vacation while the carnage continues? If they don’t care, why should more American blood be shed on this?

Meanwhile, there’s a growing sense that September could well be the make-or-break date. Under questioning by a Senate committee, Defense Secretary Robert Gates pulled back on Pentagon’s Tuesday announcement of a possible build-up of 35,000 more troops by December, clarifying that the decision isn’t “preordained” as it hinges on a September review. “There’s a sense here certainly by the Democrats and growing among Republicans that there has to be some progress, significant progress to sustain it beyond September,” Pennsylvania Republican Senator Arlen Specter told the New York Times.

If Bush continues to veto funding bills, he might soon find himself out of dole for the war and be forced to bring the troops home even before that.

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