he’s only being french

Posted on May 9, 2007


Ooh la la! The French are actually frowning on holidays!

At least that’s what the French opposition is doing, condemning President-elect Nicholas Sarkozy for taking a three-day break in a luxury yacht in Malta before taking office next week.

Words flung at him by the defeated Socialists include “scandalous”, “indecent” and “shocking to the great masses of French”.

Whoa. Am I reading right? Are they actually condemning someone for doing a quintessentially French thing, no, make that a right? This from a nation that loves making “le pont”, basically extending a holiday by taking days off leading to or after a national holiday that falls in the middle of the week, hence creating a long weekend? A place where “the Protestant work ethic had been refused a work permit”, as described by The Guardian?

Wait a minute, weren’t the Socialists the ones who implemented the 35-hour work week in the first place?

It’s all political of course. There are parliamentary elections up next month and the Socialists are firing their salvo in the hope of winning back some dignity through that election. Remember, they had failed for the third successive time at capturing the Presidency.

Give Sarko a break. It’s going to be a tough five years ahead, what with all the fixing that’s needed in France. And his holiday isn’t on taxpayers’ account anyway.

“I have no intention of hiding,” Sarko told reporters. “I have no intention of lying. I have no intention of apologizing. I don’t see the controversy.” Good for him.

He’s got his hands full when he returns. Rioting and protests are already ongoing, with students protesting his proposed higher education reforms while haters continued on their rampage, torching cars and breaking windows of buildings around the country.

If anyone needs a break, it’s this guy.