new seven wonders of the world

Posted on May 8, 2007


If you are a travel fan, there’s a contest out there for you to determine which global landmarks should be the deemed, “The new seven wonders of the world”.

The concept is borne of the list of the seven most remarkable constructions in the ancient world, originally drawn up by Greek historian Herodotus. These include the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Egyptian pyramids at Giza – the only survivor from the list.

At, you could vote on which sites should be the heirs to that legacy.

Most of the 21 finalists are shoo-ins like the Taj Mahal and the Roman Colosseum. It’s fun but hard to choose between all of them. Who hasn’t been blown away by the majesty and architectural breadth of the Great Wall of China? Or struck by Machu Picchu’s spirituality? And what would Paris be without the looming presence and endearing symbol of its Eiffel Tower? But how do you decide when there’s such abundance?

The contest is run by the New7Wonders Foundation, a private organization founded by Swiss adventurer Bernard Weber, who is on a mission to protect mankind’s heritage around the world. The group uses money raised from donations to fund restoration and preservation efforts, according to the foundation’s website.

The leading seven will be announced on July 7 this year, in Lisbon, Portugal. A neutral location, I suppose, as it doesn’t have a site in the running.