resign already, wolfowitz

Posted on May 7, 2007


Yes, spare everybody further unnecessary drama and do the right thing – just resign, Wolfie.

What else are you waiting for? You have lost the moral authority to lead. You are damaging the World Bank’s reputation and credibility. Who would believe you when you next reiterate your corruption eradication goals? How effective could you be if your credibility is flushed down the toilet and no one is keen to pursue the agenda you set?

Why delay the inevitable? The committee of World Bank directors has already found you guilty of a conflict of interest in arranging the pay rise and promotion for your partner. The only thing left for them to do is to recommend the punishment, which is most probably going to hurt, as many board directors are said to favor your departure. It’s likely to be something like “outright removal or some kind of no confidence vote that may persuade him to resign,” according to the New York Times.

Why wait for the bitter pill to be shoved down your throat? Instead, bite the bullet and leave with at least a tiny shred of dignity intact.

So what if you kept fighting and produced “proof” that you did no wrong? Ok, it might not have been that much money in the bigger picture, but it just doesn’t look right after you came to the bank, guns blazing, and declared that you’ll reform it by enforcing a tough anti-corruption program. What’s the point of stalling when the European Parliament, former top World Bank officials, and the staff association representing 13,000 staff have declared no confidence in your leadership?

Look, your top aide Kevin Kellems has already taken the high road by resigning. “In the current environment sur­rounding the leadership of the World Bank group, it is very difficult to be effective in helping to advance the mission of the institution,” he told reporters. If he could recognize that, why not you?

Enough damage has already been done to the bank and your own image. So save everyone the column inches and the wasted time to handle this. Just go.

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